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Esco Products provides service and solutions to maintenance and lubrication management personnel in many industries, including chemical and petrochemical process, food and beverage process, pulp and paper mill, power generation, mining, municipal water and waste treatment industries, along with others that use large equipment in their processes. In addition to our revolutionary Oil Sight Glass product line, Esco is one of Dow Corning's largest independent distributors of sealants, lubricants, adhesives, and silicone fluids. Many Dow Corning silicone fluids and sealants have transitioned to the XIAMETER® brand. Esco stocks and sells many XIAMETER silicone products. We are also a leading distributor for the Copaltite high temperature & high pressure sealing & threading compound.

Esco Products, Inc. Oil Sight Glasses, 3-D BullsEyes, Level Monitors

We design, manufacture and distribute Esco Oil Sight Glasses, which provide continuous fluid monitoring of the clarity, color, sediment and water contamination as well as the oil level on equipment with fluid lubrication systems. Our Oil Sight Glass product line includes models for vertical and horizontal mounting, high temperature applications, large volume bowls, level indication and the all encompassing Oil Sight Glass and Level Monitor. Install an Esco 3-D BullsEye to replace the problematic, old-fashioned sight plug on your oil reservoir and experience greater visibility.  To save time and money, install Esco’s unique products on all of your lubrication critical equipment.  Commonly called a Tattle Tale, Bottom Sediment and Water Bowl, BS&W, Pig Tail or Bulls Eye, they all refer to the qualities and benefits of the Esco Oil Sight Glass products.

Repackaged Silicone Fluids and Greases

Esco is one of the few distributors that will repackage selected silicone lubricants and silicone fluids into containers that meet specific customer size constraints. This allows you the ultimate flexibility when ordering and receiving products.

Our focus on providing the highest level of service and technical support, while maintaining readily available inventory at competitive prices has placed Esco Products as an industry leader in not only our revolutionary Oil Sight Glass product line, but in all the products we offer.


Copaltite high temperature & pressure sealant provides a thread sealing and flange compound that will withstand steam joints at 2,000 PSI and 1,200 °F, gasket free flanges up to 6,500 PSI and threaded joints up to 10,000 PSI. This product meets MIL-S-15204D.  For purchases within the United States, click here to place your order online.  If you are outside the U.S., please click here  to request a quote.

Dow Corning

Esco Products supplies and provides service for the Dow Corning Industrial Assembly and Maintenance Product Line including industry leading silicone sealants, adhesives, lubricants and fluids.


As products mature and stabilize, different strategies are in place for marketing and selling Dow Corning products. A group of proven materials has been re-branded as XIAMETER. The high quality of materials has not changed, just the brand name and occasionally, the product name. As one of Dow Corning's Authorized Distributors, Esco has the opportunity to stock and sell many XIAMETER silicone products.

Dow Corning is rebranding their 200 fluid xiameter


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