Magnetic Oil Monitors;

  • Vote for Esco's Magnetic Oil Monitors for 2019 Solution Award

    Esco Products, Inc. submitted their Magnetic Oil Monitor (MOM) product into the Solution Awards brought to you by Uptime® Magazine and®   The Solution Awards recognize innovative products, software, training and services for reliability and asset management.  Products can be submitted under one of the five categories:  Reliability Engineering for Maintenance, Asset Condition Management, IoT (Internet of Things Digitization), Work Execution Management or Asset Management.  One winner will be chosen for each category, as well as a best overall award.

    The Esco Magnetic Oil Monitors are a kit of three magnetic strips that adhere directly to equipment, providing a real-time and quantifiable scale with which operators can track an oil's color, clarity and temperature.  While laboratory tests exist to identify an oil’s color and clarity, it requires operators to take an oil sample, send it to a lab, and await the results. While laboratory tests are more accurate than an operator’s ability to visually monitor these changes, the time and expense required to perform these tests for all in-service equipment is prohibitive. The Magnetic Oil Monitors give operators the ability to identify these changes themselves and take immediate corrective action.

    MOM Benefits:

    Identify lubrication issues early to prevent downtime and costly equipment failures.

    Easy-to-install and minimal training required; start tracking changes in oil condition immediately.

    Low cost to implement and high return on protecting machine longevity.

    Learn more about the MOM product here.

    Voting ends March 26, 2019 and The Solution Awards Ceremony will take place at The RELIABILITY Conference, May 7th in Seattle, WA.

    You can learn about all the product submissions for each of the categories and vote here.   Don't forget to vote for Esco's Magnetic Oil Monitors under the Asset Condition Management category.  We appreciate your support!

  • 4 Easy Reliability Improvements for Under $200

    People often think that to make a big impact to your bottom line, one must spend a lot of money on complicated parts, or overhaul complete systems and procedures.  Just like with dieting, making small changes, like eliminating soda from your daily diet, can make a huge impact to your weight loss over time.  The same applies to equipment reliability.  You don’t need a huge budget, complicated products, constant oil changes, or complicated procedures to see an immediate and big cost-savings.  Esco Products has four affordable products you can install today which will have a huge impact on reliability improvements and future cost-savings.

    1.  Monitor Oil Level.  Installing a reliable oil sight window, such as a 3-D BullsEye, gives you a fail-proof reading of your oil level.  Surprisingly, a huge cause of equipment failure is because there was too little or too much oil in the equipment.  Installation will take you about two minutes and checking the oil level is as easy as walking by the machinery.  Read here how one plant estimated millions of dollars in savings by installing 3-D BullsEyes on their equipment.

    Average 3-D BullsEye Cost:  $30

    2.  Control Contamination.  Contamination is the leading cause of machine failure.  The smallest amount of debris or water can cause abrasion, erosion, fatigue and corrosive wear on machinery.  A quality desiccant breather takes little time to install and prevents contaminates from entering the equipment.  As it is spent, the desiccant changes color from blue to pink, alerting operators it is time to change the breathers.

    Standard breather Cost: $60

    3.  Visually Analyze Oil & Discharge Water.  Being able to see and analyze equipment's oil and diagnose problems can extend the life of industrial lubricants.  An Oil Sight Glass, or Bottom-Sediment & Water Bowl, can be added to the drain valve and allow for immediate oil inspection.

    Standard Oil Sight Glass Cost:  $70

    4.  Compare Oil Quality Over Time.  Lubricants can quickly change color, temperature and clarity over time.  These changes are hard to track how quickly and to what degree the characteristics of the oil has changed if you aren't keeping adequate records and have nothing to provide a comparison.  No need for fancy equipment, the use of Magnetic Oil Monitors are tools to help you track and measure a lubricant's temperature, color, and clarity that can give an operator a basis for measuring how quickly their oil is changing and degrading over time.

    Oil Monitoring Kit Cost:  $20

    Total Investment:  Around $180.00

    Cost Savings:  Priceless

    It’s not always the most complicated or costly solutions that make the most impact or give the greatest return on your investment.  Small, affordable changes to your equipment can not only improve your reliability program, but they can save you more money in the long run.


    Key Takeaways & Things to Consider:

    - Start Small.  Choose one piece of equipment, critical or not, and see how you can make simple tweaks to improve reliability.  A little investment up front to make small changes daily or even monthly, can add up to thousands of dollars and man hours saved over time.  Big budget requests for complete reliability overhauls tend to draw attention from upper management and are harder to get approved.

    -Rely on the expert.  The people who manufacture reliblity products are extremely knowledgeable of how and where to install products, and will often come on site to audit current equipment and procedures and make recommendations.  These services areusually offered free of cost with no purchase requirements.

    -Keep it simple.  Complicated, costly reliability software or products don't always guarantee the best return on investment.  No only can these services have a large upfront cost, they can have a lot of unforeseen long-term costs, such as the time it takes to train employees and implement the new program, or cost of repair and replacement of highly technical driven products.


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