Hydroguard Disposable Breather

Similar to the Ventguard™ Breather, the Hydroguard Disposable comes with check valves to ensure no excess pressure or vacuum builds and a clear polycarbonate casing for viewing the desiccant as it changes color.  They Hydroguard series come with an expansion chamber to isolate lubricants from all levels of ambient humidity.  

Hybrid Breathers:

  • Gearboxed and Other Low-Flow Applications
  • High-Humidity Applications
  • Intermittent Applications (or infrequent cycles applications)
  • Limited Wash-Down Applications
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  1. Des-Case Hydroguard Disposable DC-HG-1

    Des-Case Hydroguard Disposable DC-HG-1

    Product #: DC-HG-1

    3 micron, 1" Multi-Fit (NPT, BSPT, NPSM), 2.5" x 7.2"

  2. Des-Case Hydroguard Disposable DC-HG-8

    Des-Case Hydroguard Disposable DC-HG-8

    Product #: DC-HG-8

    3 micron, 1" Multi-Fit (NPT, BSPT, NPSM), 4.1" x 9.7"


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