Molykote Anti-Friction Coatings are paint-like products. They contain small particles of solid lubricants dispersed through carefully selected resin blends and solvents. In addition to greases and oil, or where possible, as a replacement of those lubricants, Molykote A-F Coatings form a lubricating film, which helps cover surface roughness and thus protects against surface to surface friction even under extreme loads. They are applied by conventional painting techniques: spraying, dip-spinning, or brushing.

  1. Molykote® D 321 R Dry Film Lubricant

    Molykote® D 321 R Dry Film Lubricant

    Long-term “dry” lubrication where air drying formulation is desired.

    Starting at: $39.38

  2. Molykote® 106 Bonded Lubricant

    Molykote® 106 Bonded Lubricant

    Product #:L106QTL1065G

    Premium long-term “dry” lubrication of precision parts.

    Starting at: $122.43

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