Dow Corning® 5 Compound

Product Name Price Qty
Dow Corning® 5 Compound L550

Product #: L550 (5.3 oz. tube)

Dow Corning® 5 Compound 8LB

Product #: L58LB (8 lb pail)

Notes: Two week lead time

Dow Corning® 5 Compound 40LB

Product #: L540LB (40 lb. pail)

Notes: Two week lead time



NLGI Grade 3, translucent light gray, used primarily for insulators and high current switches given it has the highest dielectric strength.


  • Primary Use – A dielectric compound used on insulators and bushings; as a lubricant for high-current switches.
  • Special Characteristics – Nonconductive; water repellent; helps prevent formation of conductive paths; long lasting.
  • Physical Form – Translucent light-gray, heavy-consistency, grease-like silicone paste.
  • Applications – Protecting transmission insulators, distribution line insulators, power substation bushings, pole top disconnect switches, insulator threads and bolts, service entrance cable, meters.
  • Temperature Range – From -65 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (-54 to 232 degrees Celsius).
  • Container Sizes – Tubes and pails.