Dow Corning Silicone Fluids

Dow Corning Silicone Fluids are high-performance, liquid lubricating materials that demonstrate excellent operation over a wide temperature range. These Dow Corning silicone fluids are used in heat baths, as a damping medium, as release agents, and can also be formulated into greases or pastes. Silicone fluids act as foam preventive. Whether your temperature is high or low, or if your environment is harsh there is a specialty Dow Corning silicone fluid for your application.
  1. Molykote 710 & 710R Fluids

    Molykote 710 & 710R Fluids

    Heat transfer fluid; high-temperature lubricating oil; base fluid for high-temperature lubricating grease.

    Starting at: $621.89

  2. Molykote 550 Fluid

    Molykote 550 Fluid

    Product #:L55045LBL5509LB

    High-temperature lubrication; base oil for greases.

    Starting at: $503.00

  3. Molykote 510 Fluid

    Molykote 510 Fluid

    Low-temperature lubrication; base oil for greases.

    Starting at: $80.72

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