Des-Case Oil Sight Glass

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Quick Overview

The Des-Case Oil Sight Glass (OSG), made of high-performance transparent polyamide, allows immediate visual inspection of the oil and the ability to drain accumulated water through the spring-loaded drain valve. The OSG is installs either vertically or horizontally to the drain port located at the bottom of the reservoir or with an elbow for drain ports on the sides of equipment. See below for product details, specifications, temperature and pressure ratings and part number chart.

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The Des-Case OSG provides 360° view of oil, easily collects and drains water.  The polyamide material is extremely durable and UV resistant and has excellent chemical compatibility.  The dual-mount design allows for easy vertical or horizontal installation depending on the application. 


Pumps, gearboxes, storage tanks or any fluid-lubricated machinery


  • Transparent polyamide
  • Brass hex nipple
  • Brass drain valve
  • Dual-mount design for easy vertical or horizontal installation

Recommended Temperature Range

  • -40 F to 200 F
  • -40 C to 93 C

Maximum Operating Pressure

  • 65 psi
  • 4/48 bar

Chemical Compatibility

  • All gear and mineral oil and most synthetic oils

Available Options

  • 1/4, 3/8, and NPT hex nipples
  • 1 oz and 3 oz bottle sizes
  • 16 oz and 32 oz sizes available in acrylic
Des-Case Oil Sight GlassDimensionsPart #
1oz, 1/4" NPT1.72" OD, 3.0" LDC-OSG1X250
1oz, 3/8" NPT1.72" OD, 3.0" LDC-OSG1X375
1oz, 1/2" NPT1.72" OD, 3.0" LDC-OSG1X500
3oz, 1/4" NPT2.50" OD, 3.15" LDC-OSG3X250
3oz, 3/8" NPT2.50" OD, 3.15" LDC-OSG3X375
3oz, 1/2" NPT2.50" OD, 3.15" LDC-OSG3X500
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