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The Esco Large Volume Oil Sight Glass vertical models of 16 oz and 32 oz capacity are used in situations where water contamination is severe or the operators want to observe larger volumes of oil. See below for product details, specifications, temperature and pressure ratings and size and part number chart.

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Most Tattle Tales, Bottom Sediment and Water Bowls, BS&W, Pig Tails and Bulls Eyes fail to provide the necessary volume when high water volume water accumulation is a problem. When reservoirs or equipment produce so much water such that other products cannot hold it all between maintenance checks, the Large Volume Oil Sight Glass provides the extra storage to keep water out of the oil until it can be drained.

Commonly used on large oil reservoirs, or on equipment operated in environments with regular high pressure wash downs or high condensation problems, where water contamination cannot be avoided or minimized, the added volumes of this line of products provides continuous fluid monitoring of the clarity, color, sediment and water contamination by allowing operators the ability to see your oil, monitor it and drain the water accumulation as soon as it appears for equipment, while having the added advantage of storing more water accumulations between service or monitoring intervals.


  • Commercial grade cast acrylic
  • Brass spring-loaded drain valve included (1/4” NPT)
  • Offered in both 16 oz and 32 oz vertical bottles
  • ½” NPT brass nipple included for connection
  • Stainless steel hardware available
  • See FAQs for more information on installation & cleaning

Operating Range

  • 180°F to 265 PSI
  • 203°F to 66 PSI
  • 230°F at atmospheric pressure
  • -40°F minimum low temperature
Large Volume Oil Sight GlassDimensionsPart #
16 oz 1/2" NPT3.75" OD, 4.25" LOSG16X500
32 oz 1/2" NPT4.25" OD, 5.25" LOSG32X500
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