Molykote® P-37 Antiseize Paste

Product Name Price Qty
Molykote® P-37 Antiseize Paste 1 LB

Product #: LP371LB (1 lb. jar)

Notes: Manufacturer Part Number 2899680

Molykote® P-37 Antiseize Paste 55 LB

Product #: LP3755LB (55 lb. pail)

Notes: Two week lead time. Manufacturer Part Number 2329956



Threaded connections where an ultrapure paste is needed.


  • Primary Use – Threaded connections where an ultrapure paste is needed.
  • Special Characteristics – Helps prevent seizure and damage of threaded connections during assembly and disassembly after extreme high-temperature exposure; nickel-free; does not contain any compounds that embrittle alloys.
  • Physical Form – Black, metal-free paste consisting of solid lubricants in ultrapure, sulfur-free synthetic oils.
  • Applications – Threaded connections, particularly those consisting of steel alloys with high chromium, nickel or molybdenum content (stainless steel); steam and gas turbine fasteners.
  • Temperature Range – Solids from –20 to 2550 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 to 1400 degrees Celsius); base oil from –40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 121 degrees Celsius). 
  • Container Sizes – Spray, cans and pails.