Oil Sight Glasses

Save Your Equipment with Constant Oil Monitoring

The Oil Sight Glass product line consists of the original Esco Oil Sight Glass, the Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor, the Oil Level Indicator and the 3-D BullsEye.  Our products provide lubrication management professionals a complete and immediate visual oil analysis. 

The Esco Oil Sight Glass is a clear acrylic cylinder that installs in the drain port of the oil reservoir of pumps, gear boxes, bearing housings and other lubrication-critical pieces of equipment. It provides continuous fluid monitoring of the clarity, color, sediment, and water contamination. The drain valve allows for discharge of accumulated water. These products enable personnel in many industries to constantly manage the condition of their oil. View our online visual analysis directory or download a catalog of the visual oil analysis products.


To facilitate various equipment configurations, the Esco Oil Sight Glass product line includes several models: