3-D Bullseye Oil Sight Glass

3-D BullsEye - A Better Alternative to Sight Windows on Oil Reservoirs

Esco has developed a product to make the job of a lubrication technician or maintenance manger easier when checking both color and clarity of the oil on small wet sump applications such as pumps and gearboxes, while allowing an unobstructed 360°view of the oil level from any angle. The standard sight windows on oil reservoirs make it difficult to view the oil level, stain easily, and must be replaced often. Our team at Esco has improved upon the old-fashioned sight plug with the creation of a replacement sight window called the 3-D BullsEye

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  1. 3-D BullsEye

    3-D BullsEye

    Product #:3DB02503DB03753DB05003DB07503DB10003DB12503DB15003DB20003DBM10X1.03DBM10X1.53DBM12X1.53DBM16X1.53DBM20X1.53DBM22X1.53DBM24X1.53DBM26X1.53DBM27X1.53DBM30X1.53DBM30X2.03DBM33X1.5

    3-D BullsEye sight window offered in 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” , 1 1/4”, 1 1/2”, and 2” NPT sizes and M10X1.0, M10X1.5, M12X1.5 M16X1.5, M20X1.5, M22X1.5 M24X1.5, M26X1.5, M27X1.5, M30X1.5, M30X2.0, and M33X1.5 metric sizes.

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