Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor

When properly installed at the oil reservoir drain port, the Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor allows the user to view the oil color, clarity, and accumulation of water or other contaminates. The strong, clear cast acrylic body allows for viewing of the level.  The spring loaded drain valve is positioned to quickly discharge any water before it damages the oil lubricity. Red and green Buna O-rings are included with the OSGL to mark upper and lower limits, or to designate running oil level and idle oil level.  Each Oil Sight Gauge & Level Monitor comes with a 2 micron breather, which allows the oil level to equalize with the level inside the system.  If you require a closed loop system, install the OSGL without the breather and use the top opening to port back into your equipment. 

The height of the upper column comes in heights from 3" to 24" to correspond to the distance from the oil reservoir access port and the maximum height the oil will reach.  Custom sizes are available. 

Dual Port Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor version is available with a second 3/8" NPT port opposite the installation nipple to allow the installation of a Sample Port for oil sampling.

  1. Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor

    Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor


    Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor offered with 3/8” NPT single or dual side ports and in 3”, 6”, 9”, 12”, 15”, 18”, or 24” lengths.

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