High Temperature Oil Sight Glass


Quick Overview

Size:  3 ounce bottle, 1/2" NPT

The High Temperature Oil Sight Glass was developed for extreme conditions where oil operating temperatures or radiant heat from adjacent equipment exceeds or is continually as or near the standard Oil Sight Glass' operating range.   This high temperature sight glass comes with heavy-walled Pyrex®, Glass-filled Teflon® end plates, Vition o-rings, Stainless steel machine screws and is good in environments up to 450° F and up to 225 psi.  Esco's high temperature sight glass makes inspecting the bearing oil in pumps in high temperature environments worry-free.  Offered in one size only - 3 ounce bottle with 1/2 " NPT.

Price from:
High Temp 3oz, 1/2" NPT 3.50" OD, 2.50" L OSG3X500HT

Temperature Range:  Up to 450°F

Pressure Rating:  Up to 225 psi


  • Stain resistant, heavy-walled Pyrex®
  • Glass-filled Teflon® end plates
  • Viton o-rings
  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • Brass fittings standard

Applications:  Pumps, gearboxes, storage tanks, any fluid-lubricated machinery

Chemical Compatibility:  All gear, mineral, and synthetic oils


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