Silicone Fluid FAQ

1. How do I know what centistoke (CS) that I need?

The lower the CS number, the thinner the fluid. The 5 CS is almost like water, while the 60,000 CS is more like cold honey.  If you are using silicone fluid for a piece of equipment or a gauge, instructions from the manufacturer will specify what CS is needed.  If not, contact the manufacturer of your equipment for further direction. 

2. What is the shelf life?

The usable life of Esco’s silicone fluid is 36 months from the manufacture date when properly stored at or below 25°C (77°F).

3. What do you mean by “repackaged” silicone fluid?

Esco purchases 55 gallon drums of silicone fluid from a major U.S. manufacturer. We then install a pump into the drum and pump the fluid in various sized containers that have an Esco label and instructions for use. These special sizes are not available direct from the manufacturer. Esco is providing a service to customers that need less than 55 gallons of material for their application. 

4. I am in need of a centistoke (CS) or a size that I don’t see offered on your website.  What can I do?

Contact us. The CS provided for sale through this website are those that are in the highest demand and which we have the capability to repackage. If you have a need for a CS that is not included here, please contact us with your estimated usage and we can look into providing it for you. Do you have an application that calls for a specific size or type of container? Contact us and we can provide you with a quote. 

5. Are there any shipping restrictions?

No, this material is non-toxic, non-hazardous and can ship by air or ground with no restrictions.   

6. I am in need of Silicone Fluid on a regular basis.  Do you offer volume discounts?  Can I issue a P.O. and set up Net 30 terms?

Yes, Contact us to set up an account, inquire about volume discounts or enter a blanket purchase order. 

7. I need a product data sheet , MSDS or Certificate of Analysis.  How can I obtain these documents?

Product data sheets, MSDS and Certification of Analysis are available upon request. Contact us today and we will email you a copy. 

8. Can I obtain a sample for testing?

Contact us to tell us more about your application and expected usage.