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Family owned and operated, Esco Products, Inc. has been providing reliability solutions to maintenance and lubrication management professionals for over 60 years.  In addition to our revolutionary Visual Oil Inspection product line, Esco Products, Inc. is one of the largest independent distributor of DOW's DOWSIL sealants, Molykote lubricants and adhesives, and DOW silicone fluids.  Esco carries the Des-Case line of contamination control and fluid handling products and is a leading distributor for Copaltite, a high temperature & high pressure sealing & threading compound.


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It’s Time to Replace Your Desiccant Breather!

Keep your equipment running clean and dry by protecting it from harmful moisture or particulates with a Des-Case breather.  When the desiccant changes from blue to pink, it indicates the breather has done its job keeping moisture out of your lubricants and it is time to replace.  Take the guess work out of it and get a clear visual when it is time to service your equipment.

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