• Des-Case Breather Line

    Explore the Des-Case Breathers & Accessories.

    The importance of fluid cleanliness and the role it plays in increased production, cost savings, and reliability is paramount. The variety of Des-Case breather lines offer solutions to specific customer needs, helping improve lubricant quality and maximizing equipment dependability. Esco Products understands the importance of equipment reliability management and has teamed up with Des-Case to be a stocking provider of the Des-Case breathers.

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  • first class visual oil indicators

    Save Your Equipment and Monitor Oil Quality

    Esco’s visual oil inspection products are designed for easy installation on almost all lubricating machinery oil reservoirs.  Constructed of durable acrylic, they withstand most petroleum products to remain crystal clear and functional for years.  

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    Dow Corning® 

    Explore Dow Corning solutions.

    On salty platforms and in dusty oilfields, at safety-critical terminals and along high-pressure pipelines – from engineering and operations to maintenance and processing – we have effective solutions. Look at our specialized products. Put our technical experts on your team. Rely on our global commercial network to help. Explore. Discover. And let’s work together to get your tough jobs done right with our high-performance Molykote® brand specialty lubricants and Dow Corning® brand silicone sealants.

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  • copaltite

    Outperforms Any Sealant on the Market Today!

    The United States Government, along with many industries world wide, has proven Copaltite an unequaled sealing agent. Wherever a packing is required against pressure, heat, cold, gases, acids, Freon, oil, benzene or gasoline, Copaltite is the premier product on the market.

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A Distributor of Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitors, Copaltite Products, and Dow Corning Products

Esco Products provides service and solutions to maintenance and lubrication management personnel in many industries, including chemical and petrochemical process, food and beverage process, pulp and paper mill, power generation, mining, municipal water and waste treatment industries, along with others that use large equipment in their processes. In addition to our revolutionary Oil Sight Glass product line, Esco is one of Dow Corning's largest independent distributors of sealants, lubricants, adhesives, and silicone fluids. Many Dow Corning silicone fluids and sealants have transitioned to the XIAMETER® brand. Esco stocks and sells many XIAMETER silicone products. We are also a leading distributor for the Copaltite high temperature & high pressure sealing & threading compound.