Case Studies

Esco's Visual Oil Analysis Products are used to improve reliability efforts, save time, money and increase equipment life across many industries. Results are proven and shared in the case studies and articles published over the years.

Cargill Salt Best Practice: Installation of Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor on steam turbines, pumps and gearboxes

After learning about the Oil Sight Glass and Level Monitor (OSGL) at the Noria Machinery Lubrication Training and vendor reception, Edward Thueme of Cargill Salt St. Clair decided with his Lube Team Leader to install the OSGLs on a steam turbine in their facility. Ed also began installing the standard Oil Sight Glass on many of their pumps and larger gear boxes.

Bakery: Oil Sight Glass used in Freezing Environment Food Applications

Bama Companies Inc. manufactures pies, biscuits and dough products for sale directly to consumers, as well as ingredients for other products. Bama Foods Ltd., Bama Frozen Dough and Bama Pie facilities are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A few years ago, Bama Foods began a total productive maintenance (TPM) initiative to improve productivity, machine reliability and quality. One specific issue that plagues most machinery reliability improvement programs is moisture contamination and the problems associated with this contaminant. This case analysis introduces issues around the use of bottom sediment and water (BS&W) bowls that are often used as one of several methods to help control the presence of moisture

Wastewater Treatment Plant Solves Lightnin Mixer Issues with Oil Sight Glasses

Johnstown Regional Sewage, through the Dornick Point Wastewater Treatment Plant, provides service to the City of Johnstown and 19 municipalities in the townships and boroughs that surround Johnstown. The WWTP processes 15 million gallons of water a day. It has been an LE customer for more than 25 years.

Wastewater Treatment Solutions using Oil Sight Glass as Part of a Lubrication Management Program

Maintenance professionals in the waste water treatment industry contend with water present in their facilities that can end up in the lubricating fluid. Water can wreak havoc on systems, causing excessive wear and shorten the working life of machinery.

Petrochemical Customer Testimonial: The 3-D BullsEyes Save Plant Millions!

John Gobert, a Lubrication Engineer from a petrochemical company in the Houston area recently shared with Esco Products, Inc. that he had to replace his flat/flush-mounted oil level windows, "at least every six months." Not only that, he "had to be right in front of the glass and use a flashlight, most of the time, to see the oil level."

John replaced his flat mounted oil level window with Esco's 1/4" NPT and 1 1/4" NPT 3-D BullsEyes on his rotating equipment and saw immediate improvement.

Solving the Solitary Access Port Problem

Problem: How can you take a good oil sample when an Oil Sight Glass is installed in the only access port you have to the oil reservoir?

Current Technique: To take an oil sample from the Oil Sight Glass it is recommended to purge the oil volume from 4-10 times to insure you get a representative sample, yet this is still not the ideal sample since you are pulling oil from the bottom of the reservoir. Read More...

Trenton’s Equipment Lubrication Standard

  • Desiccant Breathers By De-Case Corporation.
  • Oil Sight Glass/Water Separator By ESCO Products.
  • Sample Port Kits By Checkfluid Inc.
  • Fluid Sampling Pumps By EasyVac, Inc.

Agitator Gearbox Study: Monitoring Water Ingress with Esco’s Oil Sight Glass

Reichhold Inc is a Houston based company that produces Polyester and Alkyd resins. They use large agitators with gearboxes on large tanks of the resins. About a year and a half ago, they began to realize they may have a problem with water getting into the gearboxes. At that time, they did not have a way to detect the amount of water in their system, and they would run their machinery until it failed. Then they discovered the Esco Oil Sight Glass as an inexpensive solution to their problem. Now they are able to monitor their oil quality and reduce failures in their equipment.

Angus Macdonald, Lubrication Engineers International AG, describes the benefits of quality gear lubrication in the cement industry

Modem gears are performing heavier work and carrying greater loads than ever before. Gear manufacturers are redesigning, modernising and using finer steels to produce precision gears that will give better performance. Production demands in the cement industry often force users to raise production above rated machine capacities. This is done with the knowledge that gear life will be reduced, but that the increased cost will be offset by the increased production achieved

Esco Products, Inc. Can Make a Superhero Out of You

Put away the cape—you do not need X-ray vision to see inside your equipment — but you do need Esco Products. Esco offers affordable and easy-to install products that allow users to take the guesswork out of fluid lubrication management. "The Esco Oil Sight Glass can be the fi rst component to an oil management program or it can complement an existing program," says David Haught, President of Esco Products. "It provides analysis in a simple yet effective manner — it lets the technician see the oil."

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