Water/Wastewater Treatment

Cost-effective and sustainable solutions

Potable-water, wastewater treatment and water-desalination equipment and machinery put lubrication and sealing materials to the test.  Stresses such as water wash-off and spray-off, corrosion, dust and debris, slow speeds and heavy loads can threaten system reliability and lead to unscheduled downtime and reduce energy efficiency.  MOLYKOTE soltuions can help solve your challenging problems, such as:

  • Greases that resist water-off to provide durable and long lasting performance
  • Certified solutions that meet NSF 61 standards

The Esco Oil Sight Glass has become the "go to" tool for reliability professionals in the world of Water/Waste Treatment. Installing the Oil Sight Glass takes all of the guesswork out of lubrication management and allows for immediate visual inspection of water contamination. The user can instantly and easily drain water from their oil. 

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