Non-Desiccant Disposable Breather

Non-Desiccant Disposable Breathers

Prevent contamination when humidity is not an issue.  Non-Desiccant breathers, with coalescing filters and rugged exterior, protect equipment and lubricant from harmful contamination.

Applications:  Low Humidity, Arid, High Dust Environments, Applications that Create "Oil Misting"

Product Data Sheets
  1. Des-Case Non-Desiccant Disposable DC-ND-35

    Des-Case Non-Desiccant Disposable DC-ND-35

    Stock Item.  Plastisol 0.3um filter, oleophobic, hydrophobic.  Dimensions:  5" x 5", 1" NPT Connection.  Blocks free water from reservoir and prevents sludge deposits and water-contaminated oil.  Provides longer oil & filter life and reduces wear and tear on equipment.

  2. Des-Case Non-Desiccant Disposable DC-ND-2

    Des-Case Non-Desiccant Disposable DC-ND-2

    Alternate Part No: ES-ND-2.  Stock item.  Plastisol 0.3um filter, oleophobic, hydrophobic. Dimensions:  1.8" x 1.3", 3/8" NPT Connection.  O-ring seal with pipe threading eliminate the need for additional sealant.  Filter creates impenetrable barrier against water droplets and provides longer oil life.  Replacement breather for the Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor.

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