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Piloted aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, need environmental sealing, adhesive bonding, thermal management, and protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI). Fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft also demand proven performance, especially for critical electronic components. Whether an aircraft is fuel-powered, or battery-driven, engineers expect materials to help solve design challenges. The aircraft industry needs to meet strict safety standards, too. Multi-purpose and solvent-resistant fluorosilicone sealants from Dow deliver the required performance. DOWSIL™ adhesives, sealants, and foams are not only used for exterior and interior applications, but also as the gaskets for compressors, gearboxes, and pumps. Solvent resistant sealants support the assembly and repair of fuel systems and tanks. These advanced silicones are also used for bonding substrates to heat sinks in transmission, power, and conversion modules as well as bonding integrated circuit substrates, attaching heat sinks, and adhering lids, housings, and base plates. More electric aircraft benefit from DOWSIL™ thermal management solutions for the battery and battery systems.

Avionics, displays & lighting Electronics, sensors, and illumination whether they’re flying us home or across the globe, aviation pilots need to see in order to keep us safe. They need to see fuel levels. They need to see air traffic. They need to see flight control avionics, displays and lighting support communications, navigation, and monitoring in the cockpit and beyond. As our skies get busier, flight recorders and collision avoidance systems are becoming more important, too. From flight displays to cockpit, from instrument and cabin lighting to navigation light, engineers need rugged, reliable solutions. DOWSIL™ optically clear materials resist temperature, humidity, and other environmental extremes. Even the miniature lamps or displays in cabin interiors require the right protection and performance. For dissipating heat, Dow’s thermally conductive materials provide reliable cooling solutions for electronics, modules, and assemblies. DOWSIL™ electrically conductive materials ensure high-shielding effectiveness from electromagnetic interference in the wide range of frequencies.

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