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The Visual Oil Inspection line is used in may process plants as a "Best Practice" to insure the highest level of reliability in their lubrication systems. The harsh environments and high humidity require that extra level of protection from water contamination that haunts most plants. Sight glasses and 3-D BullsEyes can be used on pumps and gearboxes to manage oil condition and fluid levels.  Desiccant breathers are perfect for keeping your equipment clean and dry.

Dupont is the Petrochemical industry's leading silicone, graphite and molybdenum disulfide based solutions provider offering a breadth of products and innovative technologies that meet your needs for increased equipment reliability while demanding the upmost safety for the environment and personnel working there.  Dow's specialty silicones and Dupont's MOLYKOTE lubrication solutions were developed to help eliminate downtime, reduce maintenance and prevent losses.  Solutions include:

  • Anti-seize pastes allow for proper tightening and corrosion protection of bolted threaded connections
  • Synthetic lubricants for high temperatures and extremee pressures for drill bits and tool joints
  • Durable lubricant performance for valves, fans, pumps and compressors
  • Chemically stable silicone compounds for O-rings and valve lubrication and sealing
  • Safe, non-reactive and non-flammable for equipment handling reactive chemicals

High temperature and high pressure operating environments require the Copaltite Sealant to solve thread doping and flange/gasket sealing problems.

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