Visual Oil Inspection

Save Your Equipment with Constant Oil Monitoring

The Visual Oil Inspection (VOI) line consists of tools that allow you to observe the health and levels of your lubricants with a clear view of oil clarity and color, sediment, and water contaminations in the oil.  The VOI line can be used in any industry that uses reciprocating and rotating equipment with oil reservoirs and offers immediate oil inspection.   The VOI line consists of the 3-D BullsEye, several options for Oil Sight Glasses (BS&W Bowls), Oil Level Indicators, Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitors, and Fluid Level Oil Sight Glasses.  Scroll down to shop all available options.

Applications:  Gearboxes and Other Low-Flow Applications, Pumps, High-humidity Applications, Intermittent Applications, Limited Wash-Down Applications, Storage Tanks

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Visual Oil Inspection

To facilitate various equipment configurations, the Visual Oil Inspection product line includes:

3-D Bullseye Sight Glass

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Allows for 360° view of oil level, color and clarity.

Oil Sight Glasses

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Provides early detection of contamination and allows for constant monitoring of oil condition and draining of water accumlation.

Oil Level Indicator

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Easily view oil level when a sight window is not an option.

Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor

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All-in-one tool used to view oil color, clarity and accumulation of water or other contaminates while monitoring oil level.

Magnetic Oil Monitors

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Visual Tools to assist in monitoring the temperature, color and clarity of oil.

Accessories & Add-ons

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Sight glass options, including recommended sealant, stainless steel hardware, and magnetic drain valves.

Oil Sight Glass FAQ

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Find answers to common questions about installation, cleaning, and lifespan for the Visual Oil Inspection line.
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