Silicone Greases

A high vacuum lubricating grease is a semi-solid product of a thickening agent dispersed in a liquid lubricant. The lubricating grease operates by releasing the lubricating fluid from the thickening agent and provides lubricant where the use of oil is not practical.

Molykote high-performance greases are designed and tailored for use under extreme pressure, harsh chemical environment, low and high temperature, and at all speeds. Molykote high-temperature silicone greases are based on mineral oils or synthetic fluids including silicone oils. A number of Molykote greases contain special additives to provide effective lubrication and high-temperature silicone grease.

  1. Molykote® G-0010 Grease, 14.1 oz

    Molykote® G-0010 Grease, 14.1 oz

    High-performance, mineral oil (MO)-based grease thickened with a di-urea system for excellent lubrication and protection in a variety of equipment types.  Molykote® G-0010 is a multip-purpose lubricant solution that significantly inhibits rust and corrosion formation in heavy-duty applications that experience high levels of shear stress without loss of lubrication.  Must Purchase in case quantity increments of 10.

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