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Dupont's Molykote technology is helping customers improve food processes, products and packaging operations around the world with their many years of experience and expertise in food and beverage machinery.  Food and Beverage facilities face a unique set of challenges, they need lubricants that fight corrosion, resist water washout, and thrive under wide temperature ranges while meeting stringent industry regulations.  Esco Products, Inc. supplies a selection of greases and fluids approved for use by the FDA. The Food Grade 200 fluid is an ideal choice for use in food and beverage processing plants. Certified Moykote solutions can meet your needs for:

  • Mixers, ovens and equipment used for baked goods and confectioneries
  • Pumping and wash systems, process tanks, filling and packagin/bottling lines, centralized lubrication systems, hydrualics/pneumatics in milk and beverage processing
  • Cutters and saw, mixers, cooking/freezing chambers, conveyer or chain systems and packaging equipment used in meat packing plants

With cleanliness a necessity in the industry, washdowns are constant.  Lubrication management professionals in the food and beverage industry will find great value in adding  Visulual Oil Inspection tools, such as the Hex-Duty Oil Sight Glass, to constantly monitor oil quality for water contamination.

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