LeveLock Constant Level Oiler

LeveLock Constant Level Oiler

Maintain the proper level of oil in your equipment with this self-leveling oiler, the LeveLock.  When oil drops over time due to evaporation, burning or leakage, the LeveLock replenishes oil as it is lost, and helps maintain the ideal level. As a leading levelock constant oil level supplier, ESCO Products is able to assist you in all your needs. 

The LeveLock constant level oiler is installed at the sight window that comes standard on most equipment.  The 3-D Viewport allows for immediate visual indication of lubricant level and when the lubrication falls below the desired oil level, the reserve reservoir bottle on top self-levels, refilling the reservoir to its appropriate level.  Maintaining the correct level and supply of lubricant is necessary to achieve an optimum state of machine reliability.  Machines often fail due to too little or too much lubricant – the LeveLock locks your oil level in place and provides you and your maintenance team peace of mind.   


Esco LeveLock kit includes:  8 oz Natural HDPE Plastic Bottle, 24mm; Brass Tip, ¾” acrylic chamber, 1/8” NPT brass square head plug, 1/8” 40 micron sintered bronze breather vent, ¾” NPT brass hex nipple

Part No:  ESCOLL750

Price:  $189.00

LeveLock Constant Oil Level Supplier
LeveLock Oil Level Supplier


The Levelock has a ¾" NPT installation port.  While operators can use pipe adaptors to install the product on different sized ports, it’s not recommended to adapt to threads smaller than ¾". However, adapting to thread sizes larger than ¾" is fine and will not affect the performance of the Levelock. The Levelock is recommended to maintain an oil level within a reservoir. Most oil lubricated equipment is intended to be kept at a predetermined oil level, but oil levels drop over time due to evaporation, burning, and leakage. The Levelock replenishes oil as it is lost, and helps equipment maintain the ideal oil level over an extended period.


  • Bearing housing
  • Gearboxes
  • Sleeve Bearings
  • Pump Housings
  • Ventilating fans and blowers
  • Any other application requiring a constant liquid level


  • Improve machine reliability
  • Prevents machine downtime
  • Avoids costly repairs 



  • Stain & impact resistant cast acrylic
  • Brass fittings
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottle

Temperature & Pressure Ranges:

  • -40°F to 200°F (-40° to 93°C0
  • 65 psi (4.48 bar)

Chemical Compatibility:

  • All gear, mineral and synthetic oils
  • For additional information regarding the chemical resistance of Acrylic, please contact Esco Products.

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