Magnetic Oil Monitors

Magnetic Oil Monitors

Esco Products, Inc has developed visual tools to assist operators in monitoring the ever-changing condition of the oil in their equipment. The Magnetic Oil Monitors

(MOM) kit contains three durable magnetic strips that adhere directly to equipment, and provide real-time feedback on oil temperature, color, and clarity.

A pencil or dry-erase marker can be utilized to note the readings on a checklist or indicate the last measurement taken, allowing users to monitor changes over time. The MOM is a perfect monitoring tool for gearboxes, pumps, or any piece of oil lubricated equipment. And, isn't it true that MOM always knows best?

Esco Temp

Excessive heat is extremely harmful to oil and equipment. For every 10°C (18°F) increase in temperature, the oxidation rate of oil doubles, cutting the usable life of the lubricant in half. Increased operating temperatures also deplete additives, decrease the viscosity causing loss of film strength, and increase the rate of corrosion, varnish and sludge formation.

The ESCO TEMP magnetic strip includes an eleven-point temperature label which gives an accurate reading for temperatures from 100°F - 220°F. The various temperature points are colored green, but turn black when the stated temperature is reached.

Esco Color

New oil typically starts as a light-amber color, but gradually darkens over time due to thermal degradation, adding an incompatible lubricant, excessive heat, oxidation, the presence of water, and several other contaminants. The ESCO COLOR strip gives users a scale with which they can measure and monitor these changes over time.

Simply match the color of oil to the closest corresponding color on the ESCO COLOR scale. The color matching process is easier if using a sight glass, but users can also pull an oil sample and use that to easily identify the oil's color.

Esco Clarity

As an oil degrades or becomes contaminated, it will turn cloudy and difficult to see through. Water contamination is typically the main cause of cloudy oil. The ESCO CLARITY strip has nine lines, each getting progressively darker and thicker. As the oil becomes cloudy, less of these lines will be visible when looking through the oil.

If using an Oil Sight Glass, simply hold the ESCO CLARITY strip behind the oil and record the first line which is clearly visible. Operators can also pull an oil sample and use that to measure the clarity.

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