Vote for Esco's Magnetic Oil Monitors for 2019 Solution Award

Vote for Esco's Magnetic Oil Monitors for 2019 Solution Award
Esco Products, Inc. submitted their Magnetic Oil Monitor (MOM) product into the Solution Awards brought to you by Uptime® Magazine and®   The Solution Awards recognize innovative products, software, training and services for reliability and asset management.  Products can be submitted under one of the five categories:  Reliability Engineering for Maintenance, Asset Condition Management, IoT (Internet of Things Digitization), Work Execution Management or Asset Management.  One winner will be chosen for each category, as well as a best overall award. The Esco Magnetic Oil Monitors are a kit of three magnetic strips that adhere directly to equipment, providing a real-time and quantifiable scale with which operators can track an oil's color, clarity and temperature.  While laboratory tests exist to identify an oil’s color and clarity, it requires operators to take an oil sample, send it to a lab, and await the results. While laboratory tests are more accurate than an operator’s ability to visually monitor these changes, the time and expense required to perform these tests for all in-service equipment is prohibitive. The Magnetic Oil Monitors give operators the ability to identify these changes themselves and take immediate corrective action.

MOM Benefits:

Identify lubrication issues early to prevent downtime and costly equipment failures.

Easy-to-install and minimal training required; start tracking changes in oil condition immediately.

Low cost to implement and high return on protecting machine longevity.

Learn more about the MOM product here. Voting ends March 26, 2019 and The Solution Awards Ceremony will take place at The RELIABILITY Conference, May 7th in Seattle, WA. You can learn about all the product submissions for each of the categories and vote here.   Don't forget to vote for Esco's Magnetic Oil Monitors under the Asset Condition Management category.  We appreciate your support!
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