Boss 9569 (50 ML) Anaerobic Hydraulic/Pneumatic Assembly Sealant


Quick Overview

Recommended thread sealant to use with the assembly of products within the Visual Oil Inspection line.  This anaerobic hydraulic/pneumatic sealant has a fast cure time, strong bond, and easy application, making it idea for use with all sight glasses.

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BOSS® 9569 - 50 ML Anaerobic Hydraulic/Pneumatic Sealant is a single component anaerobic threadlocking adhesive, which is thixotropic and develops low strength. The product cures between close fitting metal parts where there is an absence of air.

  • Meets Military Specification Mil-S-G46146A, Type II, Grade M
  • Prevents loosening from vibration and leakage of threaded fasteners
  • Suitable for applications where easy disassembly is required
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